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Five Kinds of Plumbing Engineer Services

Most of us think of plumbing engineer services as simple affairs, like making sure toilets flush properly and hot water tanks are in good working order. But for a plumbing engineer, the services that fall under this umbrella are a bit more involved.

But these services are a complicated matter. There are a variety of physical laws and principles to consider, not to mention the interconnectedness of valves, piping and other fixtures.

Here are just a few of the services plumbers can provide:

Fire Prevention. A plumbing engineer’s services might include designing and installing a sprinkler system in a building. While a fire prevention engineer might help design a structure that prevents fire with passive methods, such as confining fire and smoke to the places where they originate, he or she would enlist a plumbing engineer’s services to plan an active fire prevention system, using water and other fire retardant materials delivered through a piping system.

Drainage Systems. In warehouses, factory floors and outdoor facilities, wastewater needs a place to go – otherwise we’d all be standing knee-deep in the stuff. Plumbing engineer services include the design and installation of drainage systems, for stormwater management and the removal of sub-surface water. A plumbing engineer might be vital in deciding where to place sewers, culverts, and other drainage points.

Septic Systems. A list of plumbing engineering services might also include the design and installation of septic systems: Small-scale sewage treatment systems that take care of wastewater and greywater generated in a building’s restrooms. These plumbing engineer services generally include the installation of a septic tank or related sewage disposal solutions, as well as connection to any municipal sewage lines.

Natural Gas Piping. Piping any substance is one of the most involved and demanding tasks on any list of plumbing engineer services, but piping natural gas is particularly daunting, because of the dangers posed by leaks. Domestically, natural gas is used for heating, cooking and electricity; it is also used to power vehicles and generate power via gas and steam turbines.

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