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Five Tasks An Electrical Engineer Might Tackle

By its very nature, electrical engineering is a diverse discipline with a wide range of sub-disciplines. One electrical engineer could specialize in a field that -- except for the underlying science -- might be a mystery to another heavily-specialized electrical engineer. Of course, many such engineers are generalists, and can tackle any project with minimal preparation.

With that in mind, here are five projects an electrical engineer might tackle.

Designing an Alarm System. A company that sells and installs alarm systems might not need an electrical engineer on staff (though it couldn't hurt). But to design an alarm system from scratch -- complete with sensors and klaxons and keypads -- you'd need an electrical engineer with experience in creating such devices.

Helping Design a Fire Suppression System. On big projects, a team's electrical engineer might work with a fire protection engineer to create a method of keeping buildings safe from fire. Architects and construction foremen can help with the materials-science aspect of this (suggesting building materials that'll keep any potential fires from starting and spreading) but an electrical engineer can help design a system that detects fire if it starts, and suppresses it with a sprinkler or fire-retardation system.

Helping to Create a Closed-Circuit Camera Security System. This goes hand-in-hand with security system design. An electrical engineer can design and install a system of security cameras and monitors to keep your site safe from intruders.

Designing a Media Center. A growing media production company may need a place to review projects like films, multimedia, and websites. An electrical engineering team can design a conference room with a built-in projector and interactive viewscreen, a classroom with a smartboard, or a screening room.

Planning a Project From the Ground Up. At some point in his or her career, every engineer will spend a good deal of time preparing budgets, designing project schedules, writing proposals for clients, and other ancillary tasks that involve more business and paperwork than actual engineering. Because of this, many engineers can plan any project from square one, and help you figure out time and budget estimates.

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