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Five Projects Your Consulting Design Engineer Can Tackle With Ease
Having a diverse range of skills is in the best interests of any consulting design engineer firm. And the best way for any team of engineers to show off those skills is with its project list. So when you're getting ready to choose a firm to design and plan your project, that list is the first thing you should look at. To ensure that your consulting design engineer can tackle any problem that comes his way, make sure the project list is broad and varied.

Here are a few of the types of projects you should look for.

Medical Facilities. Hospitals, hospices and nursing facilities have unique needs, from electrical systems to plumbing installation. And because they're dealing with people's health and well-being, engineers can't cut any corners -- and must be well-versed in the intricacies of healthcare engineering. They must also have a diversity of experience, in order to be prepared for any needs any client might have.

Health Clubs. Health clubs are essentially retail facilities with specific needs. Health clubs have plumbing and ventilation needs that many other retail buildings don't (a Chinese restaurant, for instance, doesn't need a shower room). Some health clubs also need special features like dance studios with spring-loaded floors, or sturdy, reinforced weight rooms.

Higher Education. Colleges and universities are multi-structure facilities. And while colleges are seldom built from the ground up these days (though new colleges aren't totally uncommon), the buildings on most campuses have needs all their own, from science centers with laboratories and gas-delivery systems to communications departments with electronically complex media centers. Simply having a contract with one small university could give any consulting design engineer firm a lifetime of experience.

Municipal Offices. Most local government buildings are relatively simple, but some, like police stations and firehouses, have special requirements. The power can't go out in a police station, for instance, and firehouses had better have reliable fire protection measures in place. Look for a consulting engineer who's worked on projects like these.

Apartment Buildings. Building an apartment complex from the ground up requires an entire team of engineers. An architectural engineer would design the buildings themselves. An electrical engineer would design and implement the wiring system, the lights, and the facility's connection to the electrical grid. A fire protection engineer would install the alarm and sprinkler systems. And a plumbing engineer would design the water delivery and sewage systems.

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Enerdyne Engineering has a wealth of experience in a broad spectrum of projects. Check out our Project List and see for yourself, then contact us for more information on working with us.

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